Bobbie Spargo

Doggy-Doodles Commissions

Doggy-doodles artwork is hand drawn in pen and ink, digitally enhanced in photoshop and then printed with specialist inks on fine watercolour paper. The image will last as long as a traditionally painted water colour (for ever with care)



Bobbie accepts commissions of dogs alone, and dogs with their humans many and various. The prices vary according to image size, number of characters and complexity of detail.

A simple cartoon is £70.00 per character dog or human (e.g see sample Cavalier spaniel, Cockapoo) More complex cartoons are £85.00 per character (see Twiglet Time and Ping-Pong) Props e.g. sofa, table etc. are£40.00. For detailed portraits such as 'Sid' and 'Dulcie' are charged per day rate of £150.00. Please email or phone to discuss.


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