Bobbie Spargo



Factual/Educational work is very varied so Bobbie has worked in several different styles over the years. From diagrams and symbols to simple outlines to more abstract and free ink paintings. The style and medium is chosen according to the brief and the nature of the project.

Saskia The Skunk
"Saskia The Skunk"
Barry the Bat
Barry The Bat
"Opening Night". Science Share
"Firelight". Connections
Firelight. Connections
What to do Outdoors. Seaside.
"Amazing Facts about the Body".The Heart
Amazing Facts about the Body
"Amazing Facts about Pre-historic  Animals"
Whale in love. amazing Facts about Animals
Teeth Cleaning. Amazing Facts about Animals
"Farmer Jane" . Ready Steady Read
Farmer Jane's Birthday. Ready Steady Read
Bottle Post. The Long Walk