This is me!


Hello I am Bobbie and I am …hmmm….many things, Illustrator, 2D Animator, Animation production designer, concept designer, and Animation director and more recently storyboard artist.

I obtained a degree in Illustration from Brighton University and some time later an MA in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University.

As an Illustrator I have illustrated over 30 books for publishers such as Hodder and Stoughton, Penguin and Andre Deutsch.

With my animation hat on I have worked on a number of productions as a Production Designer (Character, asset and locations) and as 2D Animator on shows such as Peanuts commercials and Captain Pugwash. It was this re-make of Captain Pugwash that inspired me to re-make Willo the Wisp. I co-directed these  26 x 5’ episodes in 2004/5 for Playhouse Disney. BTW my father Nick Spargo created the original series in 1981.

Since then I have worked on many differing projects both in Animation and Illustation.